#513 Jakub Amin

Nickname: Norgen
Kategorie: STREET
Team: DoneDrift
Země: Česká republika
Partneři: www.amin.cz
Web: coming soon
fb: n/a
Instagram: @donedrift
Youtube: n/a
Age: 23
About me: I´m twenty years old boy who wanted to make a dream come true with my best friend Nikola - we bought a car for "fooling around" so we tried everything, crashing, repairing, updating.. The car was replaced by many owners who were learning drift and it has never been showen to the world so we want to try ride a race - let it be famous for the reason that because we have a smile on our face. We have a little team where are not only me like a driver, it is just my best friend.
Race cars
BMW e36
Sign : BMW
Model: e36
Engine: m50b25
Car performance: 192
Torque: 2454700
Car weight (kg):
About car: Vehicle was bought in summer in 2019, visually modified - drift police (nothing to do with one youtuber), own design, hydraulic hand brake, shell seat, welded diferencial.. The car is drifting a few friday and still alive, so hope that we will arrive to any race!